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Born in the ancient city of Jingzhou in the spring of 1998, is a smiling boy, a technically crazy pursuer and a typical perfectionist.


My Work


WEB front-end development, is not a strong front-end engineer, has helped some companies to do official websites, welcome advice.


The following pictures and descriptions come from the internet. I don't know what to put in them. Let's put some pictures to look good.


My Websites


Blog.xiaohuwei.cn 顶级域名于2014年注册,服务器用的是阿里云学生机。没事写写东西,分享生活。




Im.xiaohuwei.cn 旨在兴趣收集图片,不作任何商用。


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Tencent QQ:97902393

China filed No. 18014564

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